For anyone considering a more sustainable and stable quality of life, Acerchem has always recommended vegetarianism as a healthy lifestyle choice.


Acerchem therefore caters to vegetarian and vegan customers by sourcing the highest quality, premium vegan ingredients.


For more than 10 years, Acerchem has been promoting plant-based protein as an alternative to meat and dairy-based products, along with delivering plant-sourced amino acids and herbal extracts as natural remedies to the market.

Plant Protein :

Plant-based protein is one of the greatest kept secrets in the world of health and fitness. It rivals the amino acid intake of animal products and comes in a wide variety of versatile forms, making it perfect for experimenting in the kitchen.
Plant-based protein comes in the form of rice protein, pea protein, fava bean protein, lentil and mung bean protein and sunflower protein.

There is a common misconception that it is difficult for vegetarians and vegans to source all of the protein that they need – especially for athletes and bodybuilders who require larger quantities of protein. This is because, for some, their daily recommended protein intake comes from animal products in their diets.


Herbal Extract:

Health begins at home and the fuel that you put into your body, but it is often only after suffering the effects of germs and falling ill that we turn to medicinal remedies. The fact is that natural herbal remedies, when taken regularly as part of a balanced diet can fortify your immune system and help to keep your body performing in peak condition.

Natural herbal solutions include:

green tea extract – a great source of anti-oxidants
garcinia cambogia – aids weight loss
5-HTP – for combatting low moods
curcumin – to fight inflammation and depression
ginkgo biloba – a powerful antioxidant that has been proven to help with anxiety
grape seed extract – improves circulation and kidney function